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Melodie's Little Farmhouse - Master Suite

Melodie has been so gracious to share her Little Farmhouse with us.

Today's Feature is the
Master Bedroom and Master Bath

Have you noticed that Melodie seems to have 
beautiful light fixture in every room?

So Stylish!

We have MORE to share, so keep watching for updates!

Don't Miss A Thing!


Dining Room

Living Room

Guest Quarters


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  1. gorgeous! I love her style! SImple and timeless is spot on!

  2. I love the colors! Simple and clean. Looks like we have the same style! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, her taste is inspiring and it's my treat to get to share it. Thank you so much for your comment. Blessings!

  3. Elegant! Every room is done so nicely! Obviously she can see the finished product in her mind when she is out thrifting. I wonder if she's willing to make a trek to Canada? I like her taste!

  4. I really like the bedroom, Geneva. The white bedspread is lovely, and the fireplace is very charming. I love the mantel and all her décor.


  5. Just gorgeous. I love her style and you are right-it is just timeless and simply elegant. You would never believe it was a mobile home. xo Diana

  6. I DID notice the light fixtures... every one of them a statement piece!
    I have to remind myself this is a mobile home, because it sure doesn't look like it!
    Very nicely done.


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