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Melodie's Little Farmhouse - Living Room

Melodie's Little Farmhouse

Living Room

When Melodie & Steve first began praying about getting debt free they felt they would need to sell their site built home first.  They really sensed God's leading when their home sold within two days and above their asking price.  It was the confirmation that they were heading in the right direction.

This home was originally in a Mobile Home Community, and that's where they began their remodel, however, within months, they realized they wanted their own piece of land in the country.  Once again, things seemed to fall into place and this country site has been their home for the past two years.  

This Lifestyle Suits Them Well 

Melodie says she's always loved "Farmhouse Style" ... actually, she has always loved
old houses.  She's especially drawn to the ones that need a lot of TLC; the uglier the better.  
Steve ... not so much.

With a lot of creativity and hard work, they've achieved the
"Farmhouse Style" that she loves without the major renovation of an old house.

She's Happy  He's Happy

This cozy corner of their Living Room features a new fireplace.
Melodie & Steve did the stone base and wall and 
let the professionals take it from there.

It's so inviting & I'd imagine Melodie's cozy chair 
is a favorite spot on cool days.

On cold or hot days, Melodie said they often opt to
close off half of their house with the glass doors, 
(The Dining Room, Guest Bedroom, Office/Sewing Room)
allowing them to keep the main part of their home nice and cozy.

This living space is simple and timeless ... 
just like everything else in their home.

Why do they LOVE country life...
who wouldn't love this little corner of the world?


Don't Miss A Thing!


Dining Room

Master Suite

Guest Quarters


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