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Vacation - and Great News!

Buzz and I visited Colorado last week.
(That's why I neglected my blog)

(Buzz feeding the squirrel)

It was Glorious!

We became very good friends with this squirrel while we were there,
and I'd imagine he's missing us and his granola treats by now.

Actually, the most wonderful part was being with our son for an entire week.
We miss him already!


One of my readers has graciously accepted an invitation to let me share her home on my blog.

I'll be posting pictures of her
amazing mobile home  
very soon!

Get ready to be WOWED!



  1. Sounds like you had a great vacation----Did you say you were squirrely? My son hand feeds his squirrels, too. So funny.
    Looking forward to seeing your friend's mobile home. I have seen some really amazing mobile homes over the years. xo Diana

  2. Looking forward tot he mobile home, it is one of my dreams. Glad you had a nice vacation.

  3. A nice vacation is always something to be savored. I bet that little squirrel does miss you and your goodies.

    Looking forward to seeing you post about a blogger friend's home.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady


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