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Melodie's Little Farmhouse - Guest Quarters

Today, we're visiting the
Office/Sewing/Craft Space
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bedroom


Melodie is so clever!

She says she's inspired by Pinterest and a huge stack of Magazines she's collected, however, I think she comes up with a lot of inspiration on her own.

I love the way she's used this wall in her 
office/sewing/craft room for her gift wrapping supplies.

How did she do it?  She said she hung the wood strips on the wall, 
then added hooks and baskets for her supplies.

It's not only practical, it adds architectural detail to the room.

Who wouldn't want to work in this space?
It's so bright and organized.

Melodie said the craft table was free, but she added a new top & skirt.

Have you noticed the unique seating in Melodie's house?

Melodie said she has always been drawn to old chairs 
and loves to rescue them and give them new life ... 
probably right here in her sewing room.


Once again, Melodie has used 
wainscoting on the walls.

You'll see it all through the house.

If you don't remember how they did it ... they simply attached
the boards to the wall and painted them the same color.

The Hooks are perfect for this space.

Everything is so light and airy.

Simple and Timeless


Everything about this room says welcome.
It's a FuN and relaxing space.

The chair is another of Melodie's rescues. 
I love the way she covered it and paired it with the "RELAX" Pillow.

She said the room divider is covered in burlap.

* * *

Melodie's visitors not only have a relaxing space inside
they have one outside too.

Melodie & Steve's World is Pretty Special!
No wonder they're proud to call it

Don't Miss A Thing!


Dining Room

Living Room

Master Suite


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  1. Shoot! I just lost my comment. Anyway- she is very clever and I love everything she has done. Pride of ownership is very evident in her home. I think I missed part of the tour before. Headed to find out what I missed! xo Diana

  2. What?! part 4 already?
    I must have missed part 3 ... I love the wainscoting. I did pretty much the same thing in my living room. I never thought of carrying it on into other rooms! Such a charming home. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm following Diana and going in search of what I missed!


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