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By way of introduction...
Hi!  My hame is Geneva, and that mouse by my side is my husband "Buzz".  We've been married 50+ years and are retired.  That doesn't mean we've slowed down though.  We've quickly transitioned into our new lifestyle, and have embraced it whole heartedly.  We're loving the extra time we get to spend with each other, our family and friends ... as well as time to do some of the things we really enjoy (like writing this blog)
Like a lot of retired couples, we downsized to make life a little less stressful for ourselves; you can read a lot about that in my Mobile Home posts.    Blogging has been a creative outlet for me...not only the writing, but also the connections I've made with other bloggers. The inspiration just never ends! 
Buzz on the other hand, while he likes to read blogs, prefers to write his journals in spiral notebooks.  He has one for the house, one for the garden, one for faith... etc. I've pretty much combined all of those topics and more into this one blog.  (well bits and pieces anyway)
Our greatest treasure!
Our Life Lesson
True contentment is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.