Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Melodie's Little Farmhouse - Mudroom and Banquette

I hope you've enjoyed all the features on "Melodie's Little Farmhouse" as much as I've enjoyed sharing them with you.  Having a sneak peek into this very special world has been so inspiring.  This couple's "Go For It" attitude proves that great style can be achieved on a budget in any home. 

Don't you think they make a wonderful team?

Now, get ready for the final feature...
they haven't disappointed.

Melodie's Mudroom 

I know this doesn't look much like a mudroom,
but let me explain.

When I started sharing Melodie's farmhouse
with you, the corner of her mudroom looked like

It was gorgeous 

but Melodie said they wanted a place 
to have their meals besides the dining room. 

She said she'd been mulling over the idea of 
building a banquette and asked me what I thought.  
"Great Idea" is what I thought!

She said I encouraged her to go for it, 
but I don't think it took much encouraging.

Look what they did in a few short days!

New to the Farmhouse

If you look at some previous features, 
you'll notice they've rehung these doors 
Barn Door Style;
Perfect For Their Farmhouse.

They have a nice view into the
Kitchen & Living Room 
from their new banquette.

How They Did It

 You'll see this plywood planking on several walls in their home. 
It's great to see exactly how they did it.

They used a similar technique 
on their plywood floors.

Budget Friendly Furniture

Nothing has been lost ...
They still have a space by the back door
for boots and coats.

Every inch of their World
Inside & Out

 "They are,
-quoting their neighbor


We are in Awe!

Don't miss a thing in this beautiful Home!

Dining Room

Living Room

Master Suite

Guest Quarters


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