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Sunday Morning - Children are a Gift

They are our Gift
 They Belong to God.

 (Preach it Girl)
We Christians say 
that our kids belong to God,

but I wonder,

do we really let Him 
have them?

Not Me

I thought I was their saviour.

I was sure I could  protect  them
and keep them safe from harm.
I was having a hard time letting go.


This Mom has

Learned to Trust Him,
Wants to Trust Him,
Has to Trust Him,
and loves knowing

they've been His all along!



  1. We especially feel the emotion of this blog as we bring our new baby home to roost this afternoon. What a good post! xo Diana

  2. This is a very special post today, Geneva.

    My son is on vacation right now, and I haven't called him once. I'm giving him a break from all of life's daily routines, and I know he's ok because he is in God's hands.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.


  3. Loved this post and as a mama of 4 and a grama of 10 know that is the truth! Mimi


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