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Musing On Old Photographs ...

Do you like old photographs?


I purchased these
at an
Antique Mall

even though they're people I never knew,

something about them fascinates me.

What were they like?
 What did they do? 

What made them laugh?
What made them cry?
I love seeing 
their faces, 
their hair 
and their clothes

I can't see 
their soul,

the essence of 
who they were.

Kinda like this one of 
my granddaughter and her kitty,

maybe you can tell 

a lot from 
that one 
Kinda speaks volumes doesn't it!


  1. The old photos are great and are perfect under your cloche! And that picture of your granddaughter and her kitty is just precious....:) Thaks for sharing and have a blessed Tuesday!

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. Yes I love old photographs, Geneva, especially when they are of my loved ones. I used to look at my mom's old black and whites and wonder what the story was behind the picture. What a nice idea to put your old photographs in this glass cloche.

    Have a blessed week.


  3. Geneva- I love those old photographs, too. I have several that came from my Mom and I have no idea who some of them are anymore- xo Diana

  4. Hi Geneva!
    I am with you as to wondering of the stories behind the faces. Life... I love to hear the stories seniors have to share about their own lives. Many times quite amazing stories unfold if you give the time and listen with genuine interest.
    You displayed your photos beautifully.
    Have a blessed day!

  5. Somebody once called them instant ancestors! I love how you've displayed them in a dome. Mimi

  6. I love the colour sepia of old photographs... A perfect non colour! Not black or grey, not really brown either!


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