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Springtime Inspired - and a Ball of Yarn

 Have you ever seen a tree wrapped in Yarn?

I saw one in an Antique Mall
that captivated me. 
(Sorry ... I didn't take a picture)

I did A
Small Version 
I'd never have the Patience for a
Large Version

It did add a Little Bit of Springtime in our house today.
Making us HapPy!

Couldn't stop There
I raided the Garden Shed
and found
Bundles of Wire
to make this Cute Birds Nest.

I'm Smiling!

Of Course,
I paid homage to Buzz
(my Collector of all things Natural)

Not every 

Wife would let their Husband 
Wasps Nests Indoors,

But I Do.

 Are You Getting SpringTime Inspired?
It's JUST around the Corner you know!

Have a LOVELY Day!



  1. I've said it before we're kindred spirits. We have a whole hornets nest hanging in our home! Lovely post bringing us a needed vision of spring. BTW I love the diy yarn thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Geneva!!! I have not been around visiting for some time. :( I do make it to my dear Stephanie's daily though. :)
    I appreciated your post today, Spring truly is in the air! I started Spring cleaning two weeks ago. I couldn't stand it any longer. Much, and I mean much will be going to the garage sale in June. I am so over "STUFF"
    Have a beautiful, blessed day! Debbie

  3. LOVE IT, Geneva!! And that you let Buzz bring his nature collections inside. :)

  4. I do declare it could be a kid's art project!!! and one for me too

  5. That is just lovely! I'm sure it took a while to wrap! Your nest is so sweet and I love the collection Buzz has...:) I love nature!
    Blessings, Vicky


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