Just two more days ...

 The spring has sprung,
the grass is rizz. 
I wonder where them birdies is?
A.A.Milne - Winnie the Pooh

we've been seeing 
of birds these past few days,
and it's making us so 

Our trees have almost gotten 
enough for someone to make a home.

Not much to say today;
 I'm just excited that 
 is almost here!

 Blessings Y'all!

 Guess I should mention that
of us has been busy in the garden,

...  it wouldn't be Me. 

Lovin this song today... hope you'll enjoy it too!


  1. LOL- Love the Winnie The Pooh quote. So cute. No Spring birds here yet! xo Diana

  2. Such a cute quote! I love Pooh...:) I have always called my daughter Randa Pooh...:) We have been hearing birds too...Sunday morning they were all tweeting and singing and sounding like they were having a conversation.So sweet...or should I say tweet!

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. Geneva,
    I love 'Three Little Birds!' I put this same song on a post that I did awhile back, and it was sung by Bob Marley. It reminds me of my three kids. What a pretty picture this is of the bird nest.

    Happy Spring!


  4. Soooo looking forward to warmer weather...Mimi

  5. It's been such a long winter. I even read "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls to my grandchildren. Every week I buy fresh tulips - I'll do that until they're blooming outside. The longer days are already a nice treat. Happy gardening - can't wait!

  6. Sweet post. Yes I am waiting for spring. I see sprigs of green grass and budding trees everywhere. And birds singing too.
    I had to smile with the Winnie The Pooh quote. I learned today our theme for Summer at the preschool where I work is Winnie The Pooh. I am off to PInterest for ideas!
    Enjoy the beautiful weather,

  7. Every question has an answer in Winnie the Pooh!


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