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Making Memories...

This past weekend my Mother, Buzz and I visited my 
Grandparents old home place...
It was sad to see it abandoned and beginning to crumble...
especially with all the loving memories
that came out of this home.
This was a simple Farmhouse
When you walked into the front door you were in the living room, with wallpapered walls and linoleum floors.  The furniture was modest, a simple sofa and a few odd chairs and tables; however it was the upright piano that I remember most.  
Even though some of the keys had chipped ivory, 
that didn't hinder the sound that 
filled the house as one family member played
 and others gathered around to sing.
 (mostly from hymnals) 
 Whether we sounded good or not, I can't say, 
but we sure enjoyed the moment 
and no one was the least bit timid!  
Just behind the living room was the kitchen 
(the hub) of our many family gatherings...  
where there would be platters and bowls of food on every 
flat surface in the room.  
After our main meal we would graze all day long
 in between games of dominos, cards, monopoly 
... or whatever the game of the day happened to be.  
The house was filled with chatter, laughter and a few screaming kids  from time to time... but mostly it was laughter.
 On the right side of the house... 
there was once a windmill with a large stock tank that we
 dangled our feet in on hot summer days.   
A couple of us tried climbing to the top of the windmill 
only to get a good licking from Grandma...
we probably scared her to death.
This is my Grandpa in his Sunday best ... 
he usually wore overalls ... best I remember anyway.
Notice the windmill in the background
I remember sitting on that porch shelling peas, 
or getting other summer vegetables ready for the canning jars.  
The breeze was always good there!   
It was under those trees that Grandma would help us girls
gather rocks to make the outline of a house... 
each room laid out on the ground ... we even made furniture.  
 Simple entertainment for little girls!
The tree on the left had a swing... I can still feel it now...
the bough moving along with the swing in perfect harmony.
On this side of the house there were fruit trees, 
a chicken coop and some other odd buildings... 
Including an outhouse
(which I remember being in use when I was little)  
Thank goodness one of my Uncles built onto the house adding an indoor bathroom, a sunroom/storage area and a garage.  
We all appreciated that upgrade! 

Just behind the house was a large vegetable garden, more 
out-buildings - some for farm animals and some for storage.  
Everything was in order and had purpose and each building was an
exciting place to explore when we were all growing up.
My Grandparents 
(affectionally know as Grandma & Grandpa)
left us with more good memories than bad...
I still remember them so fondly...
I can hear their voices, smell the milk 
on their clothes from milking cows...
(after all, this was a working farm)
but mostly I remember 
their laughter and encouraging words.

Of course I could go on and on sharing memories of them 
and this home long abandoned ... 
but the more I'm remembering the more I'm realizing
that it's my turn to make a few memories for my family.


  1. Hi Geneva,
    Your grandparents' home reminds me of what my grandfather's home looked like when I last saw it. So disappointing to see their homes this way. Overgrown and about to crumble. Thanks for the memory stroll.

  2. Geneva,
    Sorry I missed you all last weekend. The pictures of Grandma and Grandpa's home bring back memories for me as well. It is sad to see the house as it is today, but I remember the strong brewed coffee, sweet tea, the men playing dominos and cards, the kids running around and making up games to play, and of course, singing around the piano.Thanks for sharing these treasures......

  3. Enjoyed reading this post very much. I think it's a universality of the human experience that family connections and memories play such an important role in our lives.

  4. Popped over to say thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog -- I've enjoyed looking through yours, your pictures are beautiful -- and this post and pictures are just breathtaking, heartbreakingly beautiful, with your memories like poetry.

  5. Really wonderful post, Geneva. My grandparents all died before I was born and I missed that part of normal life very much. But I can relate to the kind of activity from their house, because our house had it: the card games and dominoes, snapping beans, churning ice cream and window fans. Our neighborhood was leveled about 1992 and I can't go back because it's just too painful to see it that way. We've driven down the highway through Mingo, and I just turn my head and look away to the other side and cry. It was a great place to grow up and I miss it.

  6. What lovely memories you have of your grandparent's old place. My kids will always remember their grandma and grandpa's house, and all the fun get togethers they had there while growing up. Spending time with family is one of my favorite things to do.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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