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Pit Stop ...

I love it when we're just driving along 
and spot a place like this
Buzz Actually Stops!

Stopping in at the 
"Out West Trading Company" 
was a nice break on our road trip.
Now that we've seen it...
I have a feeling
it will call to 
each time we drive through
Jacksboro, Texas

Actually, I'm really lucky that Buzz 
enjoys poking around 
places like this as much as I do 
it gets us into $$$ trouble a lot!  

This time we didn't buy a thing ...  to overwhelmed!


  1. Good for you and Buzz! There's a place in Colbert, Oklahoma that I've been wanting to stop at for donkey's years, but we never have. Always trying to make time getting there or getting home.

  2. Did you get anything?? I love off the beaten path stores!

  3. How fun! I love to happen upon these kinds of treasure-marts!
    Thank you for popping by my place.
    Kerry at

  4. Geneva,
    That looks like such a cool place! Love those green metal chairs! BWY, I've just awarded you with the Versatile Blogger award, check out my post, Wed, Oct 19 for instructions! I'd love it if you leg me know when you're going to post about it so I can read some new things about you!

  5. Love the green chairs and the collage style photos you did. Thanks for sharing, will be your newest follower, Laura Cottage and Broome


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