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Peanut Festival ...

Having just moved to this area, Buzz and I had been
anticipating attending Aubrey's annual "Peanut Festival"
We got there a little late so missed the parade but we weren't to disappointed because there was still a lot to do and see!

We love their little downtown ...
Under this awning you will find a 
Hardware Store, Boutique, Restaurant
(that has the best home cooking around)
 and a sweet little 
 Book Store/Gift Shop... 
(filled with inspiration)
Today it was a great place to watch all the festivities!

Just like festivals everywhere...there were local vendors with handcrafted goodies
 and crowd pleasing foods like
Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes, Potato Swirls and Fresh Iced Tea...
We Caved! but it sure tasted good!

No matter where you were you could hear the music..
We Loved that Fiddle!
It was pure joy watching a few rounds of horseshoes, checking out the Peanut Painting Contest, and seeing the local Karate Studio putting on their exhibition!
 So Small Town!  

We loved this tractor because it reminded us of our Dads 

We loved these aprons because they reminded us of our Moms

We loved this ... Well, Just Because!

At the end of the day, we both thought it was fun seeing this little 
Community celebrate...maybe next year, 
we'll participate in one way or another.
They Sure Seem Like Nice People!

Remember me saying we missed the parade...
Well, I was painting cabinets...ugh!  That's a Whole Nuther Story...


  1. Love those aprons!! and that high chair, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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