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Finally ... it Feels Like Autumn

Autumn is HERE and

today it even FEELS like Autumn

I'm wearing COZY socks

DRINKING Pumpkin Spice Coffee

enjoying the STILLNESS

and PLANNING a trip to the

How about You?

 What's inspiring Me?

The photographs on this blog are Stunning.

For More Autumn Inspiration Visit My 


  1. I'm wishing for fall again! Today we're turning on our heating system which means the cold weather is here to stay. Enjoy your autumn weather, Geneva!

    I follow that blog. Her photography skills are amazing!

  2. Oh! A pumpkin patch sounds wonderful! Love the pictures.

  3. I'm so glad you're in the Fall spirit! I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch. We go every year, and if the grown up kids aren't around to go with us, me and husband take a trip there ourselves haha.

    Have a blessed Autumn week.


  4. Enjoyed the link.

    I just love red berries! Joe picked a branch for me from some growing on our land. They were beautiful. Then the cats got them and now all I have is a mangled twig. Thankfully, they leave the ones alone that I buy at Hobby Lobby. :-)


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