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Halloween Merchandising

Isn't this Brag Monday?

If not, it should be, because
  I just couldn't wait to show you what 
my daughter put together.

She's a Visual Merchandiser for a LARGE book store
and came up with this
Halloween Display

How did she make that
Look So Good?
She Told Me How
She Started With A
 Styrofoam head from Sally Beauty Supply
Decoupaged it with Book Pages
Painted a Fanciful Face
Then gave her a Glamorous Outfit

She's So Creative
(even if I do say so myself)
Bragging Rights!

Do you enjoy seeing all the Holiday Displays?

I Sure Do!


  1. It must be bragging rights monday... I just posted a whole blog post of my newly upholstered couch!
    Your daughter has some visual arts talent for sure... I didn't know you could purchase those styro foam heads at Sally's either.
    So I learned some things today... it's ok to brag a little...and you can get a styro foam head locally! Now if you could just hook me up with one of those dress forms I see all over the place. They look so neat decorated.
    have a great week!
    p.s.-- I think your daughter gets her talents from you!

  2. You do have bragging rights! That looks just wonderful- very Halloweenish and sos much fun. Good for her- xo Daina

  3. I bet quite a few shoppers did double takes as they walked by! Very creative display!

    I visited a local 80 something photographer from town last week. He's got 70,000 photos of homes and businesses in town from back to the turn of the century (his father was a photographer, too). Many of the photos were of old clothing store displays and it was so fun to see the clothing styles and how they were displayed! He knows he's got a photo of our house, but we were unable to find it that day. Hopefully it will turn up one of these days!

    I bet the store managers are frightened by your daughter's display when they close the store at night.

  4. Your daughter is beyond talented! And what a fun job! I saw a lot of neat Halloween vignettes on my little trip this past weekend. Again, I think doing this sort of thing would make for a very fun job!! :)


  5. Geneva,
    Look at that witch! Your daughter is so talented and did a great job creating her. Yes, I love looking at all the holiday displays, especially at Christmas time (which there are already a few in the shops I've noticed). Tell your daughter the witch is fabulous.


  6. That display is fabulous! I do think your daughter has an absolute dream job....creating awesome displays in a book store! I am! Thanks for joining the exchange....I'll be e-mailing soon! Have a blessed night!

    Hugs, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  7. What a great job and what a great display, it looks so fun and eye it...I am a new follower of yours and I will be back to visit soon...Come on over for a visit...

  8. I love her! Great idea! I do love looking at holiday displays. Sometimes you just get the best ideas. Have a happy Halloween. Mimi


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