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Pumpkin Still Life

I hope your Autumn is as wonderful as ours

Not that we're doing anything Special 
We're just enjoying the Season

and the inspiration all around us.

I mean, how many "Fall" Magazines are there ... 
and who's counting?

 We Love them All!

All rhymes with Fall
I think I'm a poet.

My Inspiration for these Photographs 

Big Black Pumpkin

To see More
Autumn Inspiration
Visit my Pinterest Board

Maybe, what's inspiring me 
will inspire You too!

PS:  By the way, the Gray Pumpkin ... I only painted it because it was almost gone.
It's probably best to paint an "artificial" pumpkin like Sweet Paul's.
(Let's just say ... the life expectancy goes way down once you paint a "real" one)


  1. So simple, yet very enchanting. As the auld Scot would say, "Ye have a way wid ye!"

  2. I like the still life pumpkin, Geneva, but I definitely like the orange rather than the black. Yes, I am enjoying this season so much, and I just did a post for tomorrow just because I love Autumn. Glad you love it as well.


  3. Love your photos, Geneva. I painted faux one but my daughter always paints her real ones. I am loving autumn but yesterday we had a bit of snow- I am SO NOT ready! xo Diana


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