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Autumn Garland - A Dollar Tree DIY

Autumn Garland

There are entire blogs dedicated to crafting from 
Dollar Stores 
This was my First Attempt


One Package of Autumn Table Decorations (From Dollar Tree), Needle, Thread, Buttons (from my stock) & Glue

    1. I used a heavy thread to sew a button to the top of each felt leaf - leaving the thread in tact
    2. As I finished each leaf, I slid it down the thread, spacing the leaves approximately five inches apart.
    3. Finally, to secure each leaf to the thread, I put a small drop of glue on the back of each button.

    It only took about thirty minutes

    and looks SO festive on our front porch

    I'm seeing $ Stores in a Whole Different Way.

    How about you?  
    Have you been crafting from your $ Store?


    1. Oh I love it! Looks wonderful. I guess I really love it because I bought those leaves last year at Dollar tree and have not done a thing with them. Our Dollar Tree is moving a doubling in size. :)

    2. OK, dear Geneva, with your blessing, I am going to copy this garland. I have to get to my $ Tree! Great idea. xo

    3. I love this! I'll have to see if my Dollar Tree has the leaves!


    4. I love it, Geneva! The orange leaves just pop against your rustic shutters and chippy door! I love the hat, too. :)

    5. Oh, how festive, Geneva. Every now and then, I'll stop by the Dollar Store, and I'll find a thing or two for the holidays. I actually went in there yesterday and bought two rolls of Christmas wrap. I'm stocking up early. Your garland turned out very nice.


    6. Oh my goodness....I love this! I had thought about doing one with silk leaves, but I love this. I have to see if my Dollar Tree has some of those leaves. Thanks for sharing..:)

      Blessings, Vicky
      Life On Willie Mae Lane

    7. This is so cute. I may try it with flat back acrylic gems instead of buttons. I think this would be a perfect compliment to my latest Dollar Tree craft (

      Keep up the crafty fun!
      DJ @ He He He + She

    8. Nice is the garland.
      Greetings, RW & SK

    9. You are so creative! I used to decorate for wedding showers,, baby showers, etc, at church from the dollar store. It's amazing what a 25 dollar budget will buy at the dollar store. Love your use of buttons. I have a mad love affair with buttons of all types, lol. Blessings, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

    10. Hi Geneva, Your garland is so attractive and the way you did it is creative. Such a clever garland that is unique.

      Thank you for your invitation to twitter. I am afraid to commit to one more thing but I am tempted. I seldom get through reading and commenting on the blogs I follow so I don't need to take another thing on. I forget to read Facebook too. Not sure how everyone keeps up with all the media. Wish I was a better organizer.

      Thanks for the DIY project idea. I also love your Sunday quotes. So inspiring.

    11. I saw these leaves when I was in Dollar Tree, but couldn't think what to do with them. Nice idea!

      Okay, for your next project.... I bought a couple of packages of bells on a garland. If nothing else, I can string them on the Christmas tree, but I'd sure welcome other suggestions.


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