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Looking Back on 2012

When starting a New Year 
it's nice to look back on the one you've just finished.  
I took a quick look through my blog and thought I'd share a few of my favorite things ... and some of your favorites as well.  
We Started
2012 with a resolution to get healthy ... well, I can give you an update on that, and thankfully, it's a good update.  

Buzz and I have both lost several sizes ... still not where we want to be but a whole lot closer.  Plus, our general health has improved so much.   

Can you believe we didn't weigh ourselves... (our scales are still in storage) but that's ok, because the 2012 resolution was about more than losing weight.   The weight loss was just an added bonus. 

We're ready to tackle 2013 with the same gusto ... only I need to add a LOT more exercise this year.  I'm really lacking there (my son who is in the military has given me a lot of tips...but he's brutal)  I'll find my niche though.

Your Favorite Post
was my tutorial on making
I'm still getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest because of this post.  It is by far the most highly pinned link from my blog.  

My Favorite Photograph
was this one from my post
I love photography ... everything about it.  Yes, I know I'm  an amateur, but I love the whole process of taking the picture and then editing it to tell the story I want it to tell. Some of my favorite bloggers are  photographers...I love it when a simple photograph takes my breath away.  

My Favorite Scripture and a Snapshot
was from

There is just something about that tear drop... some how this image was so powerful to me.  I'm really hoping to continue doing a series of these snapshots in 2013 because they bless me ... and I hope they do you as well.

However ... 
The posts' that gets the most traffic from my blog
are from the page about our Mobile Home

This video documents our very first year.

I get multiple emails each week asking questions about our remodeling process and it's always a joy to share what we've learned through the past couple of years.

Our to do list is pretty Long 
In fact, Buzz says I'm always at least two projects ahead of him.  
Hey, isn't that in my job description?

All in all it's been a great year ... even with some ups and downs, we've felt so Blessed and are thankful for each one of you who have taken the time to get to know us through this blog.

You've Blessed Us! 
PS:  I really restrained myself from bragging about my kids and grandkids ... but no worries... I'll do a whole nuther post about that one of these days.  ":o)


  1. Sounds like 2012 was a great year for you and Buzz. Continued success in 2013! xo

  2. It has been a great year for you! Congrats on the weight know that is always tops on my list!! Do you follow Pinterest? I just don't have the time. How do you know if something of yours has been pinned?

    Love that you have had such a fulfilling year and I pray 2013 is the same or better!!


  3. You had a great year Genenva. I hope 2013 is even more wonderful! xo Diana

  4. I love all your posts but I fondly do remember those cute little rabbits! Don't worry about weight..worry about how great you feel! You and Buzz are just the best!

  5. Wishing you a wonderful 2013. Your blog has been inspiring, and I look forward to each post.
    Life goes by so quickly, and each day is a gift from God. Your posts about your mobile home were certainly my favourites - couldn't believe what you did! I wish we were neighbours, but somehow I don't think you want our cold Canadian weather!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Mariettta... it would be nice if we were neighbors, but your right about your Canadian weather. I'm not sure I could handle it. ":o) Thank you again for stopping by...your comments are always a blessing!


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