Our Mobile Home Before & After

Welcome Inside
our two bedroom two bath
16x80 single wide mobile home. 

This is how it looked Before


the before

Even though we haven't completed everything we want to do, 
we're so happy with how far we've come and feel so blessed.

If you'd like to learn more about our remodel,
click on each link below.

Questions & Answers 
about our Remodel

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Before/After - Our First 30 Days

Before/After Our first Year


  1. Happened along your blog via Pinterest. I have owned my manufactured house since 2008 and have struggles to find other trailer bloggers. Glad I did!

    Thank you!

    Meaghan @thismessybusiness.com

  2. I just found your blog via YouTube and think your home is fabulous!! I, too, live in a mobile home and looking for ideas in its transformation...how-to's. I have bookmarked your blog and will continue checking in. Thank you so much for sharing your home. It's difficult to find anyone with great work and ideas.


    1. Thank you Peggy ... You'll have to keep me posted on your work as well. Did you notice the list of other mobile home bloggers on this page? There are some really good ideas out there!
      xo geneva

  3. Geneva, I can't tell you how much hope I've gotten from your postings and videos on your mobile home remodel. To boot, you are quite a talented decorator!

    I would like to ask what year your mobile was made and what kind of foundation it sits on.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to document and share your experience.

    Bonnie Goodrich Wilcoxson

    1. Thank you Bonnie ... it's always encouraging to read comments like yours.

      Our mobile home is a 2001 and it's sitting on a pier & beam type foundation (cinder blocks) which seems to be the traditional foundation for this area of the country. I know in some places this wouldn't work as well. We haven't had to re-level or make adjustments so far.

      Thank you for your question...I'll try to add something about our foundation w/pictures to my blog a little later on.

  4. Would you mind if I featured your blog on mine in a post about my inspiration? I'm just starting out!

    -Leah Wead

  5. Happened across your blog while researching painting ideas for our commercial park model unit. I saw yall used a paint sprayer for your painting. Would you share which sprayer you used ?? I'm interested in getting a sprayer to do the exterior and interior painting on our unit and I'm at a loss. The home is absolutely lovely!!

    1. Hi Pam ... Thank you for your comment. I've attached a link to the type of paint sprayer we used. http://www.harborfreight.com/58-horsepower-airless-paint-sprayer-kit-60600.html It was perfect for the job!

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  9. Have you seen such awesome pictures before? This blog is awesome! Love the pictures and the before and after that you did. I will definitely keep this website bookmarked.


  10. I wouldn't mind living in a nice mobile home when I get out of college. I love the remodeling process you've shown here. Having your own place to call come other than an apartment complex would be amazing. http://www.thirdcreeksupplyinc.com/skirting.htm

  11. I love your home transformation. You can tell your house is truly a home. I am trying to make my home look like yours too. The people that own the mobile home park where we live, however, are making that very difficult for us. We have had to deal with low water pressure on and off for so long, it's getting old. The news even did a story about it in 2010- https://mobilehomeparkreviews.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/bexley-mobile-home-park-is-no-stranger-to-water-problems/

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  13. Love your blog. It cheers me up. We got turned down for a Variance to put a single wide on our land because some of the neighbors felt it was not a match with the neighborhood. We came back a month later with a petition to put a double wide on the land and was approved. However, it was sold while we were trying to get our financing in place. Now we are in the process of getting the financing for a modular home(no variance YAY!) and are in limbo because we rented our house out because it isn't selling and we need to show income in order to get financing for the new home. We have to move to an apartment in the meantime. FUN FUN FUN! I am just waiting to get in there and decorate. They are telling me it may be 6 weeks. So, I am reading blogs like yours and getting ideas. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you, Jay. It sounds like things are finally falling into place for you and I'll look forward to seeing what you do with your new place. Enjoy the down time ... it will pass quickly. :)

  14. Geneva, I was excited to find your blog...after renovating 2 houses, moving and then finally selling our last big brick house, we are excited that we just purchased a 1989 single wide on the lake. We've been looking for a "retirement" home for awhile and this looks like it will be one to keep us busy.
    Your reno looks like something! My husband is wary of the difference in stick-built versus mobile construction, but I think I've found the right handyman to assist. Now the fun begins! Your kitchen looks awesome, and mine has the same countertops, so I feel like we are on the right track. Its good to see someone has done this before!

    Anyway, your sense of style is superb, so I hope we can do as well...
    Maybe I will post some photos of the process! Thanks for the ideas.

  15. Geneva, this is a very encouraging blog! Would love to see if you can share more information about your recent move. In particular, since you replaced the trim and filled in the walls; how did the walls and trim hold up during the transport process? My husband told me that we have to keep those horrible strips in case of a possible move. I would love to prove him wrong! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Great job on your home. Looks beautiful. I love the roof idea and is on my list of things to do.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Philip. Our roof has made a huge difference in our home ... well worth the investment.


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  19. Well, the whole deal with our own land fell through but we are purchasing our home this week! Finally! And I get to start decorating. I can't wait to see how well I do. We will be living in a park for the next three years until we can find another piece of land to move our home to. I am still very excited.

  20. I am 58, and we just lost our 500 thousand dollar house after a 6 year battle with the bank. Most of our retirement was tied up in that house. It is due to close in a short sale the 15th of this month. We went out and bought 2 acres of undeveloped land with plans of building or buying a modular as soon as credit would allow after short sale. Well it just so happened that the guy next to us has a 1989 double wide he wants to sell as he is buying a new triple wide. We can buy it for next to nothing, it has a new roof and new furnace, needs work on the inside. Our thoughts were to buy it, gut it and make it what we want. That is if we can find someone to move it 120 feet for under 15 thousand dollars. IS IT WORTH IT????? Thanks for any input!

  21. Im not sure where you are located, but we just (2 weeks ago) had our single wide MH and same size porch moved about 5 miles, for about $2000. Good luck. Its not that big a deal, but I'm guessing $15K is a lot!

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  24. Hello, recently downsized into a manufactured home as well, and went through many of the doubts as you did. I was wanting to read again about your deciding to buy your home, but I cannot find it, can you provide the link, I wanted my husband to read it.

    Thank you,

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  26. I really like what you have done to your home and for sharing your work. I will be trying to work on my cabinets soon. I will take us some time so will be doing a few cabinets at a time. Question...What kind of paint did you use for the cabinets? oil base?

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