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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mobile Home Exterior - Before/After

When we purchased our home, the exterior looked just as rough as the interior but we knew with just a few improvements, it would look almost as good as new.

Even though we're still working on it, I thought I'd go ahead and share some of the improvements we've made.  (just remember, we're amateurs ... learning as we go)
 Storm Doors
We replaced the storm doors (front & back) with some really nice ones from our local big box store.  Since the doors on our mobile home are about four inches shorter than a standard door, Buzz had to cut them off before installing them.  (as seen in the pictures below)
This is the Back Door
Solar Screens
We have double windows but wanted to add solar screens (because of our Texas heat).  Buzz built a frame around each window as seen below.  These frames are secured directly to the siding of the house with screws.  
Porch Covers
When we purchased our house it already had porches (front & back) but they weren't covered.  We debated about tearing them down and rebuilding, but decided instead to just cover the existing porches (for shade and protection from inclement weather). 

Front Porch
We built the cover slightly higher than the roof line on the front porch for better air circulation.  We added a rain gutter under the cover to catch most of the rainfall, and it's worked pretty well...Buzz also has two rain barrels on the other side of the front porch to collect water.  


We removed the old steps and built new wider and deeper steps.

Front Porch - October 2013

Back Porch

The back porch is a lot smaller, so we put the cover just under the roof line as seen above.  
Painting the Exterior
Of course, it took ages to pick out the colors, but once we found them, we couldn't wait to get started.  
(When I say couldn't wait ... I really mean it was more like pulling teeth because we knew it was going to be a lot of work)
Here are a few Before/After pictures.  

You may notice that there are now shutters on all of our windows.

Thank You Habitat for Humanity!

We started painting by hand and switched to an airless sprayer very what would have taken days, took only hours.    
We used a good Satin Exterior Paint from Valspar
Asiago on the House
Oatlands Subtle Taupe on the Trim
Smoked Oyster on the Shutters
Our to do list is still pretty long, but it's felt good
 to get a few more things checked off!
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  1. Wow! You really can see the difference in the two photos one on top of the either (or side by side?) lol. I love the paint names, Asiago and Smoked Oysters. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. xo

  2. You have made that home into a sweet story book cottage! It looks so good!

  3. I love the soft colors you chose! What a difference a fresh paint color makes. That's a huge project you can cross off your list!!

  4. Wow this looks so wonderful!
    The paint colors are so soothing. You didn't mention the new roof, and the porch cover...those make your house have such personality. With the recent storms this spring, it looks like we'll be getting a new roof and porch cover... I need to take some 'before' photos, so I can see what it a difference it will make when it's done!
    (I love the metal roof-- but the coverage only pays for replacing the shingles)
    Our new shingles will have some color to them and be lighter too... I can't wait!

    You should be so proud of your paint job-- it looks fantastic!


  5. I love your paint colors and the shutters are so charming. I also love your flag flying

  6. I love it! And I love the pretty landscaping in front!


  7. It looks lovely!!! Your landscaping is growing beautifully. I enjoyed seeing this update. Love your porch. A porch is on my wish list!

  8. Thank you Lynn... wish we could make the trees and shrubs grow faster, but we know it just takes time. Thankfully the porch was here when we bought the house... We did add the cover which has made it much more enjoyable. We LOVE sitting outside!
    Keep me posted on your updates...I always enjoy hearing from you.

  9. You have been busy! It looks so nice - I love the colours! Shutters make a home look so cozy.

  10. It looks great!

    Ever since I was a girl, I've wanted a pale yellow house with white trim. But after moving out here to the country, I've been thinking about pale green. We don't have any plans yet, except to probably wait until after Joe's 65. The ratty appraiser for the county tax office raises taxes after any improvement.

    Now there's an incentive from the government to improve one's property (she said sarcastically).

    Anyway, that's why I think we'll wait so it won't affect our taxes.

    1. I think pale green sounds wonderful... when you get ready you'll have to borrow our sprayer. Maybe we could even help you would only take a couple of hours. Understand what you mean about the tax appraiser though... ":o(

  11. WOW! Geneva, you have just made your home look beautiful in so little time..I must admit I am envious but my happiness for you completely outweighs the are so talented! I'm always in awe..

  12. Hi I am curious about the windows. Did you install new or frame the original ones? Is the black look screen?

    1. We framed the original windows and made solar screens to fit inside the frame. The solar screens are WONDERFUL!

    2. I wish you had a tutorial on the solar screens !

  13. I love what you did with your home. It is so Beautiful! I was curious about the solar screens. I live in South Arkansas and can relate to the heat. Could you give me some more info on it. Where to buy and maybe a little more info on what it is. Thank you so much!

  14. How did you attach the window framing to the house? Our exterior is pretty similar, and i'm curious about the best way to attach things to the metal without causing small leaks.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      We screwed the wood directly to the metal siding of our home, then caulked around the outside edges. So far we haven't had any problems.

  15. You use a heavy sand paper, and then a light, and then refinish. I would talk to the people at the rental store to get some ideas. Also, be careful about which stain you use. If there are some preeixisiting stains you will need a little darker stain to blend them in.
    Contractors General Ridgewood

  16. I found this article to be very informative and helpful. Very well written and executed :) Thank You!Sarasota Roofing

  17. Now following, so glad I happened to see this on Pinterest! You've done WONDERS! Love it!

  18. Omg!!! I♥u!! Seriously!! Lol....I have had in my head that it just wouldn't look right painting the metal outside of ours but I can see those colors work awesome!! 1$ did your house have any dents on the outside??? The front of mine has big dents where my dad had (intoxicated again) had threw a fit kiucking it & I wonder how badly they would show up?? I'm sure it still be better than currently anyhow!! LolMy dad just has a lot of vproblems & let this place ruin before I got it.. The sad thing is it is in such a beautiful spot & as much as I can make the yard pretty you can't hide the ugly

  19. Very inspiring! We are just starting our journey with our 1970 Crown, which is 10.5 x 65. I am documenting this on my blog

    Hailing from Maine

  20. Geneva,
    I cried while reading "whispers". You see, my husband & I due to unfortunate circumstances, have been living in our travel trailer for 3 years. We have truly prayed for guidance concerning a home. A long story short. God opened doors and we too will have a16X80 home in May. God bless you for your blog and the encouragement it has given me while I wait for my home to get here.

    1. Kathy, I really appreciate your comment. Your story is going to have a happy ending ... I'm so excited for you.
      Blessings sweet friend and enjoy your beautiful new home.

  21. How is the paint on the exterior holding up?

    1. Our paint is holding up well ... other than a few scrapes from our move. We're very pleased!


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