Friday, November 20, 2015

Front Porch Progress ... Slowly but Surely

We have a cover over our porch.

It was quite a chore, but together, Buzz and I managed to get it done.

 Mobile Home Communities
generally have restrictions on what you 
can and can not do,
so we were thrilled when they approved our plans.

Since we had saved most of the metal and lumber 
from our old porch, the expense was minimal.

We may have spent an additional $200.00  
which is pretty amazing since it would have been
about $1200.00 to build one from scratch
(according to community regulations).

The boardwalk was Buzz's idea.
It extends from our carport to the shed
and cost us about $80.00

We purchased recycled lumber from
Habitat for Humanity's Restore Shop
2x4s, 2x6s & 2x8s

The lumber isn't pressure treated, so we've stained it
with an oil base stain & will maintain as needed.

Our porch is 8x16
(the largest we can have here)

With the furniture moving in, 
it feels like we've just added a room to our house.

We've weather proofed the furniture
with exterior paints/stains
and covered the cushions with drop cloth fabric.

How do you like the orange stripes?
(they match our door)

We're trying to get ready for our
Thanksgiving Guests
are feeling
that things are 
coming together.

I'll share more about what we've done on the porch as time goes by.

Thank You for Following Along.