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Time in a Garden

This Garden Mirrors the Heart of the Gardener...  
... and it was a garden I didn't want to leave. 
We had our Dinner and then our Morning Coffee
 under this beautiful covered patio... 
No matter where you sat, the view was Wonderful.
   I kept thinking ... if it looks this good in Early Spring      
What will it be like when it's in Full Bloom.

The gardener said her favorite place to shop for plants
was the Clearance Section at the garden center.
 I believe these plants realize they've been rescued ... 
They Are
Happy! Happy! Happy!
She also buys her garden ornaments 
at the end of each season. 
(Also On Clearance!)
(my kind of shopper)
It was a little bit like Heaven on Earth!
These kitties know they have it made...they especially enjoy the pond.
(No! No!...they would NEVER eat the fish)
This garden isn't just an outdoor room...
It's an Outdoor Home!

Wasn't I Blessed to be able to visit it.
I sure think so!
it was like seeing a beautiful landscape painting  


  1. and truly unique and beautiful! How much fun did YOU have!!!

  2. I could definitely get lost in here...on purpose. Just beautiful. I love that she gets a deal on everything!


  3. so many whimsical things in her garden! How is your garden coming? The inside of your home has turned out so beautiful - now I'm sure you're busy with the outside.

  4. I don't think I'd ever want to leave that paradise! Stunning gardens.

  5. What a beautiful garden! I wish mine looked that nice. And what a smart shopper that gardener is!

  6. beautiful, how peaceful, how could you possibly leave??

  7. Oh, my beautiful and serene!!!

  8. What a beautiful place to sit and relax, have dinner, and morning coffee. I could stay there for days. Lucky you!

  9. that is just gorgeous! and I'm happy our much smaller garden looks partially like that one..

  10. I can only imagine how beautiful your small garden looks. Our new garden is still a work in progress...hopefully by the end of the summer we'll see progress.


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