Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets...Makeover Begins

Manufactured Homes have unique features that hinder your typical remodel.   For instance, while our cabinet doors are solid wood, the cabinets themselves are a wood product wrapped in vinyl. 
We didn't want to replace our cabinets since they are in good condition, so we found a way to work around the problem.  The process wasn't that complicated as you'll see below... and we feel confident it will stand the test of time.


The Painting Process:
  • We cleaned the entire cabinet & lightly sanded the doors (Since the cabinet is a wood product wrapped in vinyl, we didn't sand it)
  • We applied one coat of bonding primer to all the surfaces of the cabinet & both sides of the doors. (Following Mfg Instructions)
  • We applied two coats of a water-based paint (semi gloss) (Following Mfg Instructions) - It went on very smoothly, and is holding up great after almost four years.
  • We painted one side of the cabinet with two coats of chalkboard paint. (Following Mfg Instructions)


This process might not work for everyone, but it's worked great for us.

See "Kitchen-Phase Two" for the rest of the story.

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