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"Whisper Cottage" Gets A Roof Over

On April 11, and only a couple of months after we had moved into our home, a storm came through that gave us quite a scare.  It wasn't until the next morning when we saw the devastation in our community that we realized how well we had fared.  

 As you can see, we did get some damage, but our place looked good compared to many of our neighbors.

You can't see our roof, but it was badly damaged.
Our dream of dreams (as far as the roof goes) had been to have a steel roof-over system installed on our home.  Buzz had been doing some research, and had even contacted Perma-Roof/by Southern Builders weeks before the storm to get pricing.  We knew this roofing system would add value as well as extend the life of our home .... however  we had a set budget for our remodel and the Perma Roof wasn't going to fit.
God is good!
When the insurance adjuster left the check for  damages, Buzz realized that the amount allowed for roofing repairs was exactly the amount it would cost us to get the Perma Roof.  What seemed like such a misfortune had become a blessing. 

To say the least ... We are Thankful!


September 2015

We moved our home this year and I wanted to let you know that the roof held up beautifully during the move.  We're still VERY pleased with it and know beyond a doubt that it's extending the life of our home ... plus it looks great.   

Added Benefits:  
Our interior spaces are much quieter, 
and our utility bills smaller.
Still Thankful!

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  1. I am trying to not covet my neighbor's (well, distant neighbor) roof.

  2. You give me hope that we can downsize to a mobile. If we can find a place to park it that we can live with! I wonder what state you are in.....

    1. Marje ... thank you for visiting my blog. I wanted to let you know that we are living in a mobile home park in North Texas. It has worked out beautifully for us, but know it isn't for everyone. Best wishes on your downsize...!

  3. Geneva, it is amazing what you and your husband have accomplished with your home. You should be very proud of yourselves! I too live in a "manufactured home" that wasn't "bad" when we bought it. But, we wanted to put our own mark on it and so we remodeled it also. It looks pretty snappy if I do say so myself! Thanks for the inspiration!...Jenny ><>......

    1. Thank You Jenny! I really appreciate your comment and would love to hear more about your sounds very nice!

  4. we also wanted a new roof and a windy storm ripped it off, and it was replaced by the insurance company! now we just have to fix all of the rotten walls that we didn't know about and we'll have a new house. It's been a hard four months, with a lot of horrible surprises. Hopefully we will be able to fix it all, praying every day that God will help us. Please keep us in your prayers if you can.
    Thanks and thanks for the amazing blog!

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