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Making Pretty With Soap ...

I guess everyone has a weakness or two . . .

One of ours just happens to be scented soaps.

The Fragrance Gets Us Every Time
But if you think about it, it's not a bad thing
. . . because it isn't just soap . . .
It's an Accessory
As well as a Potpourri


Just in case you were wondering ... we actually use it too.

We're So Spoiled!

That's why we were excited to find these lovely bars at Big Lots

It comes packaged with two Fragrant Bars
for only $2.50
Which allows us to indulge in our weakness without that guilty feeling.

Do You Decorate With Soap?

We've thought about making our own ...
In fact, I've pinned several recipes on

but as Winnie the Pooh would say

"We're still thinking it over, and thinking it under"

"Think, Think, Think"

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  1. Hi Geneva,

    I just love a pretty bar of soap just like your lovely pictures. Some of them are too pretty to use though (sigh).

  2. Get out!! Big Lots??? No way! I've got to get over there...
    Your apothecary jar filled with those multiple soaps is to die for.
    SOOO cute! Love the soap cracked in half. Bathroom swoon.

  3. Spectacular!
    Reflections of the soul!

  4. I do like nice soaps! My daughter buys them for me at 10,000 Villages.

  5. I like your soaps as accessories. I just got two wonderful smelling bars of soap from a friend. Almost too pretty to use...but I will because they smell sooo good.

  6. I am crazy for soap and any other bath product. I love to put them in my drawers, in my closets, in my bathrooms, in my car, everywhere...just love that clean fresh scent...soft

  7. I don't decorate with soap, but I sure like what you've done with yours!

  8. Geneva-
    I have! When we've gone to Canton, I've bought goats milk soap that smelled wonderful! It was just wrapped in wax paper. so I brought it home and put it in a bowl. It smelled divine. Then I remembered. My Granny used to tell me to open the soap and take it out of the paper, let it breathe, and it lasts longer. Now, I don't know if that is true, I was just a kid when she told me that; but, I take out the store bought soaps too. Of course, the IVORY is the best smelling to me...but I like the smell of Irish Spring when you walk in the bathroom, too.
    and if you flip it around so the stamped words aren't showing...they're just as pretty. ---Pat

  9. Hello, Dear! I've come to your blog from the blog of one of my sweet commenters ~ you know how that goes ~ :) ~ I have always ADORED soap...when I was little I wanted a new soap at the grocery store instead of candy, can you believe it? (Now I will take choclate AND soap, thank you!) :) Now following you!
    So nice to "meet" you!

  10. Such nice photographs.

    I love nice soap, too. Although I've never made any from scratch, once I grated an unscented bar of Pure and Natural ($1.00 for 3 bars at Dollar Tree), melted it with just a bit of water, added some essential oil and oats. Stirred it up and poured it into some molds. Took a couple of weeks for it to get firm. Lovely - I had nice, handmade-looking soap for almost nothing.

    Didn't think to look at Big Lots, but I will next time!

  11. Your style is wonderful, I love your blog. Kisses from Spain.

  12. I love to decorate with soap and have a particular fondness for lavender and verbena scents. I used to "hoard" them, but came to realize, life is too short, I can afford to indulge in soap!

  13. I love your look! I've seen you on a few linky parties I'm on too. I'm your newest follower!
    Elisha at

  14. Well now I'm going to have to run out to Big Lots! Yes, I am loving a soap now that had been sitting around since last summer, decorating a bowl in my bathroom. I bought it at the local farmers market. It's a handmade pine/balsam scented soap and was tied with a bow and had a little pine cone attached. It smells divine!

  15. My mom loves soaps too... and now I'm thinking I should be decorating with them too! Lovely! :)

  16. Hi Geneva, I love the way you have displayed the soap...especially in the pretty glass jar. I love pretty soap too but can't use some because of the heavy frangrance. That hasn't stopped me from displaying it though. When we visted greece I brought home twenty bars of soap made with local olive oil. It is the best soap! Thanks for visiting and I am now a follower.
    xx, Sherry

  17. Hi Geneva, I love pretty soaps too! I have a jar sitting by my tub in the master bath. Others I just add mostly for display. They are so pretty and smell so nice. I love how you've displayed yours. I did make lavender soap once. It was an easy recipe I got out of the paper. We did it for a church womans activity night. Everything had to do with soap. You just poured it into milk carton then peeled it off after it set. I sometimes buy homemade soaps at boutiques. They are fairly pricey. Really should try making my own. I'm kind of like Pooh too. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Sorry Geneva, everything had to do with herbs, not soap. The evening was really fun.

  19. Lovely display! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  20. Love this! What a great idea to display the soaps--they're beautiful and they do smell so good!

    Thanks for joining Grace at Home. :)

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