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Scripture & a Snapshot - Ecclesiastes 3:11

Ecclesiastes 3:11 
Yet God has made everything beautiful for it's own time.
He has planted eternity in the human heart,
but even so,
people cannot see the 
whole scope of God's work
 from beginning to end


  1. How true that we can only see our small space here on can only make me imagine how beautiful heaven must truly be.

  2. Hi Geneva....I can't tell you how thrilled I was to stumble upon your blog! I am a fellow mobile home dweller and am always looking for inspiration from others. You have done a beautiful job on your mobile is absolutely gorgeous! I love your style...:) I recently started a blog and would love for you to pay a visit sometime....I'll be featuring the transformation of ours as we finish. Be blessed....

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Don't you just love that passage in Ecclesiastes?

  4. I think it is a good thing that we can't see the whole scope of things to come in our lives and beyond-otherwise we might not have the strength to get through.

  5. I love that verse and the reminder that our timing and expectations aren't necessarily the same as His timing.

  6. I forgot to add yesterday that I really like your banner at top. So simple and so cute!

  7. Such a lovely verse, and Thank God his timing is perfect in spite of our expectations.

  8. A beautiful verse and photo Geneva! Now you have me singing "In Your Time".

  9. Subtle, ethereal veil across your photo. Veiled as holy moments of old were veiled. Lovely.

  10. Beautiful photo and beautiful scripture. Mimi

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