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I really don't have a mantel, 
so guess this is the next best thing.  

This little vignette 
is right where 
Buzz and I can enjoy 
it while we're relaxing in the Living Room.

Well... it's a start anyway. 

I'm hoping to pull out all the stops next week 
and give Springtime 
a proper welcome for our 
family and friends.  

This little bunny is a reproduction 
of the original patented in 1892 
by Arnold Print Works, North Adams, Mass.  

He's delighted many a child 
and is more playful than he looks!

But not nearly as playful as this.

She was as happy as she looks 
in those cute little rabbit ears back in 1989.

So Cute!
(aren't memories fun)

Sure hope you're having a good day.


  1. How lovely! That's it...was thinking I need to get out spring today and just didn't. Tomorrow for sure...will be anxious to see yours!

  2. Oh I love your bunny. Great looking vignette. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love your bunny and EVERY time I come I LOVE those little flying things following my cursor....where did you get that?
    Mantels are just a shelf hung over a fireplace....what's the difference with your vignette...? Looks great!

  4. Mantel schmantel! I have a real fireplace, but the mantel is so shallow I can only fit small stuff on it. I think tables, buffets, and shelves are just as nice and much more fun to decorate. Love the bunny. And the little girl with the bunny ear hat!

  5. What a sweet vignette...your bunny is precious and I love the fresh daffodils. Your little girl was a doll, she must be the same age as my daughter.


  6. Big cheesy grin...!
    I love your display 'mantel' ...whatever works.


  7. Replies
    1. Thank you! He's even better in person ":o)

  8. Love your bunny! Have you thought of a mantel shelf on the wall? My hubs built me two in the kitchen and I LOVE them.

  9. Love your vignette ♥


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