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The Gift

Buzz and I have been married just over 43 years now, so it shouldn't surprise me that he just knows when I'll like something ... 

Without hesitation, he rescued this piece of needle art from the curb just before it went into a garbage truck. Of course I was thrilled! The colors, which really don't show well in this photograph, have that vintage patina that goes with almost everything else we have.  
I LOVED IT, just like he knew I would.
 I haven't done a lot of needle art, but enough to appreciate the work someone has put into this. 
Who wouldn't want a little garden path like this....
Yep, Buzz is almost perfect ... so I'm sure I should appreciate him every single moment of every single day.
Now to Fess up!
Has anyone else let the little things your spouse does get on your nerves?  Well, occasionally I let little things bug me even though I have an almost perfect husband... ":o)

It's usually something little, like fluffing those pillows a ridiculous amount before going to bed.  See, I told you it was little.  However, after years of this same fluffing every single night, I let it get the best of me.  
The Gift!
Just as I was about to let that catty remark fly out of my mouth, God gave me the gift of a birds eye view. There I saw Buzz as a little boy, fluffing his pillows just like he does today.  
That little birds eye view brought an instant smile to my face, and the annoyance ~ Well, you guessed it. It was completely gone!

God always knows how to change my Heart.


  1. I'm really getting to where I like that Buzz

  2. Since Honey had his heart attack...I'll share with you that I've not been the very best wife I should be. NO.
    and I've grown more annoyed over the last 10 months...
    God has given me a birds eye view I guess you could call it... This post has given me food for thought...thanks for sharing. Pat

  3. That is beautiful crewel work, Geneva. I think we all can get a little irked by other's habits. We would not be human if we didn't. xo

  4. You are so right. Sometimes I get so focused on the negative "little" things, I forget all the nice things my husband does for me.

    I love the cottage artwork! It reminds me of a Mary Engelbreit drawing.

  5. Why would anybody throw away such a wonderful piece?? It's beautiful!

    Neat that your "bird's eye view" helped you!


  6. I like that idea - a bird's eye view. Sometimes when my husband is sleeping, I see him as a young boy, peaceful and happy. It's so nice that you made me remember that.

  7. The needle work is wonderful. It's so great that Buzz knows just what you like. I like that you got the bird's eye view of him as a little boy and it took the annoyance away.

  8. Hi Geneva!

    It was sweet of your husband to grab that for you. I always wonder about the back story on discarded items that someone obviously cared about at onetime.

    I also know what you mean about little annoyances. They are usually something others don't even notice. Your method of dealing with them is a good one. Funny how we all seem to be more tolerant of children than of adults...

    Thanks for your kind comment about my DH's situation. I know so many people are in similar situations.

    Thanks for sharing at my party this week.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  9. Ah; yes indeed--that was so sweet and thoughtful of your hubby. What a pretty cottage picture. And my biggest thing is cabinet doors, drawers left open (even a tiny bit)--just drives me crazy! But, I try to not nag and just slam (I mean "shut") the doors, drawers myself--hehe! Thanks for a sweet posting!

  10. Sweet post--I love the needlework--so sweet your husband brought it to you. I too get mad at my husband over nothing--sometimes I think he just breaths to loud. (poor guy has allergies) I guess I should just be happy he is breathing:)

  11. YES! God DOES know just how to change our hearts--if we'll cooperate with Him and give Him access!! Thank you for sharing this dear story. A great reminder!

  12. Very nice post and a good reminder about biting back comments about those little irritations.

    Was someone really going to throw away that needlework?! I'm so glad Buzz rescued it.

    1. Thank you Carla... I'm glad Buzz rescued that needlework before it ended up in a landfill some where. That would have been so sad. ":o( I have a feeling the person who threw it out wasn't the person who did all the work.

      God has to give me a scolding from time to time... at least he did it in a fun way that time.


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