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I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils ...  William Wordsworth
We saw these Daffodils along an East Texas highway.
The scene was breathtaking!

We just had to stop and "smell the roses" as they say... 


  1. So jealous of this photo! We do not get Daffodils like this (or at least I havent seen any yet) in Cali!

  2. That is beautiful.
    All our Daffodils have almost faded now. They've been blooming since right before Valentine's day.

    Beautiful. Your trip to East Texas sounds wonderful.


  3. Wow! That is gorgeous. I've never seen anything like that. What a beautiful drive.

  4. Your photos are beautiful! It will be quite a while before we see any flowers. It was 9 degrees BELOW zero this morning!

  5. The daffodils are so pretty! You were so fortunate to come across these. I can't wait until they bloom where I live:)

  6. I've never seen a field of daffodils...lucky you. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow! Those daffodils are just amazingly beautiful.

  8. Stunning! I've never seen that many daffodils on the roadside!

    When I was growing up, our neighbors across the street had daffodils lining their driveway, which was probably about 50 feet long. And every spring I always remember Mrs. Hansen when I see those cheerful yellow faces. (One of my nursery rhyme books used daffodils for the faces of the pretty maids all in a row.)

  9. These are so beautiful! Thank you for a lovely post to start my day. We are having snow flurries right now!

  10. When we lived in England, we drove up into the Lake District during the Spring. We visited Dove Cottage and sure enough, there were "Clouds of Daffodils". It was really beautiful.
    When we lived in Keller TX, I never saw anything like what you saw. This is a lovely post.

    1. We had never seen anything like it around Keller either... another blogger from East Texas told me they bloom like this every year just after Valentines day. We were just fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.

  11. This is gorgeous! I wondered if you have ever taken IH 45 S during the spring. Around Centerville I think it is, the highway on the north bound side is lined with daffodil growth like this for miles. We happened upon it one year, and like you say, it's just breathtaking. They're not exactly wildflowers, but it sure makes our highways beautiful.


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