Friday, March 16, 2012

Repurposed for Gift Giving

Gift giving can be taken to a whole new level if you just think outside the box or bag .... whichever the case may be.  

For several years now, when I go thrift shopping, I look for things  that I can repurpose as gift containers.  My stash includes  pretty china cups, saucers, silver-plate containers, little wooden boxes, textiles ...  etc, etc etc
for example...

This little silver-plate container was probably originally used for a pillar candle ... it's tarnished look really appealed to me, and the new owner can easily use it on a vanity for jewelry ... or even as a candle holder.

Old handkerchiefs or other delicate textiles are a favorite when I give gifts to my girlfriends.  
So girly girl  ...  they love it!

A little terra cotta pot makes a perfect Springtime package.  Especially, when paired with a pretty little butterfly.  
I love giving gifts wrapped up in these little containers.  They make each one so personal and  I've  heard more than once that the container was cherished as much as the gift itself.
A plain paper bag usually costs at least a dollar, and I rarely ever pay more than two dollars for any of my repurposed containers. 

Try it! It's fun!


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