Thursday, March 22, 2012



I really don't have a mantel, 
so guess this is the next best thing.  

This little vignette 
is right where 
Buzz and I can enjoy 
it while we're relaxing in the Living Room.

Well... it's a start anyway. 

I'm hoping to pull out all the stops next week 
and give Springtime 
a proper welcome for our 
family and friends.  

This little bunny is a reproduction 
of the original patented in 1892 
by Arnold Print Works, North Adams, Mass.  

He's delighted many a child 
and is more playful than he looks!

But not nearly as playful as this.

She was as happy as she looks 
in those cute little rabbit ears back in 1989.

So Cute!
(aren't memories fun)

Sure hope you're having a good day.