Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Garden Blessings

Our brand new garden spot was so nice to us this year!
Buzz, has been working hard to prepare the soil all over our tiny yard and when
he buried some kitchen compost we got a little blessing.  ":o)

We had at least two cantaloupe plants come up
and their fruit has been Plentiful & Sweet!
This was just part of their last hoorah!
Our neighbors Wub us!

The Vines ... 
they're part of the garden compost now. 
I got one final picture of them yesterday after Buzz
had pulled them up.
Good bye old friends ... You served us well!

Sneak Peak...
 New Greenhouse coming soon! 
It will be attached to the back of this shed 
and we can NOT wait to experiment
in it for our Spring Garden next year.

Can anyone say ... 
Green Thumb Wanna Be!
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