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Storage Wars ...

This title is a little deceiving since there's actually a tv series by that name, but now that we've downsized, Buzz and I have our own version of Storage Wars raging.

There was a time when we had big orange tubs in the attic filled with Autumn decorations.   That was when we had an attic ... Now with limited storage space the war of what to keep is raging. 

As you can imagine, Buzz and I aren't always on the same page in this war and have had more than one standoff.  (I won't give you the Gory details)  However, when it came to our orange tubs we  were able to compromise and scaled down significantly.  

The Compromise

In lieu of our old decorations we've opted to use perishable pumpkins, squash etc straight from our local produce market...
Which in turn has made room for the Christmas decorations we I wanted to keep. 

I'm actually enjoying the simplicity of using real produce,

and Buzz loves the idea of adding them to his compost bin at seasons end.

Pretty nice compromise don't you think.

This Storage War
had a happy ending


there are other wars raging.
We're in the process of clearing out the last storage unit 
we had rented when we moved two years ago.
I'll keep you posted on how this war goes...
(depending on the outcome)
If it isn't pretty...I promise not to share.


  1. I think you made a very wise choice in buying fresh pumpkins in order to save room for your Christmas decor.

    Great photos and a fun new blog header, too!

  2. I so agree...nothing is better than real! I too have purged the "orange" container, but something about the velvet pumpkins and a few special items are staying. Your photos are lovely makes me feel right at home:} Tell Buzz for me that many of my things end up on hubby's pool table and it isn't a pretty

  3. I am feeling your pain! This year is the last for some of my older decorations (not vintage) such as faux foliage and fall fruits, as I also have been using more real harvest goodies and actual antiques to create spooky fall vignettes. Whatever I don't use this year will not be going back into storage, as we also have limited storage space. I am doubting I am at the point of getting rid of much Christmas however. Baby steps...

    Following along now! Hope you'll stop by and visit my blog sometime!


  4. I do love the real stuff. The mister and I have similar issues. You are not alone in your struggle! Mimi

  5. ha!!
    I hear you loud and clear. That's the trouble with downsizing.

  6. Oh I love your natural pumpkins, they look amazing. All I have is a little faux. I so understand. We downsized 6 yrs. ago and it is the pits. No room for half of what you want. Your cloche is perfect, love the basket with the pumpkin. Thanks for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. I sympathize, Geneva, been there myself. I also get tempted to buy and replace!!! Bad bad girl. xo

  8. Hi Geneva,

    This is my first visit to your blog. What a treat to see that REAL pumpkin inside that tiny basket, and under a cloche! Just darling.

    Please come visit me and see my cloches.

  9. I love natural decorations, too, and it would be even better if I had a compost pile! I only took out a smattering of things from my fall bin, I went with a more simple look. I really love what you did with your pumpkins and gourds...very festive!

    Have a great day, Geneva!


  10. I think you made a great decision in using the produce and then using it for compost. Glad you were able to store the Christmas items
    I hope you don't have any more wars.

  11. I so enjoy your posts Geneva!They make me smile :)Jenny

  12. Even though it was a very difficult decision, I love what you decided to do. I love the natural look for Halloween, though it won't work here because it rots in a day outside, but I can have it in the house.

    We are going through the same thing. I have already given so much away already including beautiful rooms of furniture. That was easier, I didn't want it ruined; I wanted it appreciated.

    But darn, it's the stuff in the bins that has been hardest to part with. It is hot, and it hardly rains, and some of it I left outside, and the bins have started to crack, and my daughter's white Christmas tree might be ruined. I've got bins in the yard, and I have to move them to the shed that my spouse put together from a kit this past month, but there is not room for all of it, so stuff must go! But the three of us are no help!

  13. wonderful pumpkin decorations! we don't celebrate halloween in my family, but I love seing other people's photss!


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