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What Do You See? By Kristina

Do you save your kids art?

Buzz and I have been smiling all morning ...

 We found this Halloween book 
that she made over 20 years ago.
 I'm so glad I saved it...
 just for a day like today!


  1. Makes me smile too! so glad you saved that precious thing!!

  2. AWWWW what great memories!!! I seem to remember making something exactly like that when I was younger!

  3. That is so cute. Glad you saved it. Fun memories!

  4. That book is so cute! And yes, I've saved my boys art work. I'm a proud mum. Happy weekend. Regula

  5. Too cute!! Love Mr. Q.T. Skeleton!! Yes, I save my daughter's art!

  6. Oh goodness! What a treasure! A beautiful favorite thing to share with us this week.

    Thanks so much for joining in, Geneva!


  7. I know that feeling of finding a precious piece of "art" from the days when these treasures came home from school--completely free and more valuable than anything I could purchase! This is a wonderful little book. Love Mr. Skeleton! Linda

  8. Oh that is fabulous!! I love the Q-tips for the skeleton!
    Yes, I have tons of saved art from my kids, and now my granddaughter! Two special ones-- one each from my son and daughter-- that make me smile are framed!

  9. How cute! I have several rubbermaid containers full of school stuff. Haven't looked through it in a while, though. Now you're making me want to drag all that stuff down:)

  10. I'm glad you saved it too! What a treasure. I'm lovin' that owl (:

  11. That halloween book was too cute!! I have a whole bottom drawer full of things my two girls made in school. One day I hope to share them with their children!!

  12. How lovely that you saved it!
    I came over from Mockingbird Hill Cottage, and I must say I love your blog. It is amazing what you have done with your home, just gorgeous! I am now following you, and I have stayed up far too late reading older posts and looking at the pictures of before and after. I am giving up and going to bed (it is 1:00am and I am too old to be up so late!)but I will be back tomorrow. Just so glad I found your blog (thanks, Claudia!)

  13. That is beyond precious!!! I have saved some of my girls school papers and artwork and it makes me so happy too look at them.
    hugs, Linda

  14. Precious, aren't they? So glad you shared them!


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