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Mobile Home-Living Room Remodel

If you've never seen our Before Pictures... you'll enjoy these.  
They're a good reminder of just how far we've come 
and how BLESSED we've been to find this home.

Our living room is the last room I've featured on my blog.  Maybe, it's because it's been the hardest room to work with and I haven't been able to get it just exactly right, or perhaps I just over think things... I'm not sure.  At any rate, I've decided to go ahead and invite you in.   


The room is 16 x 14 and is open to our dining room & kitchen.
The open concept is great, but it's made the space a little more difficult to work with.
One of the things we didn't like about the space was that the front door opened directly into the room.  We've always had a foyer and liked the privacy that they gave when someone came to the door.

To give us a little privacy,
 Buzz mounted a bookcase against the wall and finished the back with bead board.   We painted it the same color as our walls and added a little bit of trim molding to finish it off.  Now we have a private entry on one side and a little reading nook on the other.  
It's working perfectly for us. 


A few changes we made in this room:
  • Removed the original trim from the walls, baseboards, windows & door
  • Applied an orange peel texture to the walls & painted
  • Replaced the floor covering
  • Replaced the ceiling fan
  • Replaced baseboards & door trim
If you'd like to learn more about our remodel
see our
Question & Answer Page

I could give you a list of things we still want to change
 in this space, but I'll restrain myself.. 
after all, is any room really ever finished.

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  1. Your room is absolutely wonderful. It's so cozy and full of charm. Love it!

  2. I love it! So warm and inviting.

  3. You have worked wonders, and your home looks so inviting and comfy. Hugs, Marty

  4. Geneva, your lr is beautiful, I love the reading nook. You know how to utilize space! I am going to tour the other rooms, which I think I might have seen but not sure. Downsizing is a wonderful thing, isn't it? xo

  5. Thank you for sharing! We also have remodeled our mobile home somewhat, and I truely love it. New paint, new floors...what a difference small things can make

  6. It looks absolutely stunning!!!! The living room is our next project. I am getting inpatient to have it done! I want everything done "yesteday!!!"

    1. Thank you Lynn... I know what you mean about wanting things done yesterday. I have to be REALLY careful how I approach my husband with my to-do list. Ha! Can't wait to hear how your living room turns out.

  7. Your room looks so cozy and inviting. I like the way you created the little reading nook and hung the 3 curtain panels.. Our previous home had a living room without an entryway and a bookcase would have worked in that space, too. Too bad there weren't blogs to read back then!

  8. Oh how pretty and inviting your living room looks! I love that reading nook with the bookcase and slipcovered warm and cozy. I like how you used the bookcase as a partition beadboard wall:) I will like sharing a cup of coffee with you in this warm and cozy space. Thanks for dropping by and leaving me such a sweet note. Enjoy your weekend!hugs,Poppy

  9. I've visited all the links in your mobile home remodel, and I must say I wouldn't have guessed it was a mobile. You have made so many wonderful and inspiring changes. The reading nook in the living room looks so cozy.

  10. Hi Geneva,

    Your living room transformation is fantastic! It is very warm and inviting and I like how you used the bookcase to create an entrance way.

  11. I think if anyone walks into your home they automatically say, "This is beautiful and comfortable." Your home is inspiring.

    1. Thank you Marietta... You've just made my day!

  12. Looks wonderful! Like the little reading nook. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  13. I love that you have learned to be content with what God has given you. Your home is lovely and thank you for sharing the journey with us! ><>...Jenny

  14. Thank You Jenny! We are so happy we have to pinch ourselves sometimes. God has indeed been gracious to us!

  15. Geneva,

    Just discovered your blog at Debbiedoo's Holiday Knock-off party! Your home is decorated beautifully and once inside, you would never know that you were in a mobile home. It just goes to show that no matter what kind of home we live in, we can make it gorgeous with style and creativity. I love your style. I also like the way you created an entryway with the bookcase and little bench. So now I'll quit typing and take a look at the rest of your home tour because I'm loving it!

  16. I wish I could have the same mobile home in recent future. It looks gorgeous. Fabulous makeover!

  17. You have done a wonderful job! And yes, you are over-thinking things; your living room looks amazing, nice, warm and cozy. Thanks for posting these pics.
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  18. Thank you for your kind comment. We're loving our small space and hope you will too. You'll have to keep us posted!

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  20. I made the mistake of trusting the paint store employee who told me I didn't need a separate primer for my VOG walls. Now I have to scrape all the paint off the walls and start over because it's all flaking and peeling. I'm sooooo glad I found your blog so I'll know how to do it right this time. I'm inspired by what you've done and how beautifully it turned out. Can I ask what brand your bedroom furniture is? It's lovely!

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