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Suitable for framing...

When we're out in the open air markets, thrift stores etc, you'll often hear one of us say "That's suitable for framing"  

Here are a few of those things that actually made it to our walls!

 We call this piece "Sister Lizzy" because it has a picture of a little girl we found at a flea market, along with a letter we found at an antique store (Written to Sister Lizzy).  Combined with a fabric wrapped mat and antique style moulding they make a very nice
 art piece in our home.  
 It always makes us smile! 

We got the shoes and song book from our neighbors estate sale.  She was near and dear to us and when we realized they had actually belonged to her we knew we didn't want to part with them.  Buzz found the little toy gun when digging in our garden...Paired with the mat covered in old sheet music they all have their place of honor.

The old trumpet was a flea market find, but it's really pretty when you see it up close and personal... and is very time worn!  The hymnal came from the church I attended as a child...and other elements are bits and pieces from family members or market finds.
 The beauty of this shadow box is that the front is actually a door that you can open anytime to add more things
 (...and we have, even flowing over to the top...":o)
I should tell you that my husband and I owned and operated a custom picture framing business for about ten years, so we definitely had an advantage ... 

However, with the beautiful ready made frames available now, and some of these basic ideas, I'm sure you could frame some of your finds as well.  

Add some personality to your home!

Just about anything is suitable for framing!

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  1. You did such beautiful work on these.

    I didn't know about the hymnal. What a blessing to have it!

  2. Your framed pieces speak volumes. Very nice.

  3. I forgot to say how gorgeous Sister Lizzie is.

  4. Ooooh, I love your framed pieces. Gorgeous!!


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