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Hearts, Hearts, Hearts...

By the title of my blog you might think that I collect hearts...
but that's not exactly true.
However, I do have a few that are special to me.
Like this one for instance...

This Beeswax Heart
has been around our house for a long time 
(as you can see by the wear and tear)
I love it because it reminds me of my husband 

Then there is this one...
My daughter made it for me when she was a little girl
It's missing a couple of buttons now
But Who Cares!

This one...
It's a locket with my sons picture inside.
When he was deployed to a war zone
this one had special meaning.

And finally...
 This one reminds me of something I did
a long time ago and need to 
think about doing again...

 Not A Heart!
(Tee Hee)

This blog is more about listening than collecting
and it's title came as a whisper
early one morning ... 
God whispered in my ear one more time 


  1. The button heart by your daughter is my favourite!

  2. Hi, First time visitor and intrigued by your hearts. I love the locket. I have the last name of Lovitt, so hearts have always been of interest. I have enjoyed visiting your post. I agree about Graphic Fairy and The Vintage Moth is another wonderful place to download images. Drop by for a visit. Kathy


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