Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Storage Wars ...

This title is a little deceiving since there's actually a tv series by that name, but now that we've downsized, Buzz and I have our own version of Storage Wars raging.

There was a time when we had big orange tubs in the attic filled with Autumn decorations.   That was when we had an attic ... Now with limited storage space the war of what to keep is raging. 

As you can imagine, Buzz and I aren't always on the same page in this war and have had more than one standoff.  (I won't give you the Gory details)  However, when it came to our orange tubs we  were able to compromise and scaled down significantly.  

The Compromise

In lieu of our old decorations we've opted to use perishable pumpkins, squash etc straight from our local produce market...
Which in turn has made room for the Christmas decorations we I wanted to keep. 

I'm actually enjoying the simplicity of using real produce,

and Buzz loves the idea of adding them to his compost bin at seasons end.

Pretty nice compromise don't you think.

This Storage War
had a happy ending


there are other wars raging.
We're in the process of clearing out the last storage unit 
we had rented when we moved two years ago.
I'll keep you posted on how this war goes...
(depending on the outcome)
If it isn't pretty...I promise not to share.