Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a Little Gift...

When my daughter asked for help with her 
Autumn decorating, I immediately thought of 
this little guy I had found on Pinterest.

Source: via Geneva on Pinterest

It's Just a Little Gift...
 I hadn't embroidered in MANY years
but this pattern seemed simple enough.
(Well... it turned out to be harder than I thought)
Ergo...Mine is simplified. I have a lot to learn!
She's excited about it though
and that's all that matters right now...  


I secured the "art" to a piece of foam core 
with stainless steel straight pins.
Easy! Peasy!
The frame is pine
that has been painted black
and distressed for added character.

I'm not discouraged... I'll try again! 
In the mean time, 
I need to find a better way 
to transfer patterns to fabric...
and I need to practice some of 
my stitches.

You should download Andrea's pattern
and try this for yourself.



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