Monday, September 19, 2011

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts...

By the title of my blog you might think that I collect hearts...
but that's not exactly true.
However, I do have a few that are special to me.
Like this one for instance...

This Beeswax Heart
has been around our house for a long time 
(as you can see by the wear and tear)
I love it because it reminds me of my husband 

Then there is this one...
My daughter made it for me when she was a little girl
It's missing a couple of buttons now
But Who Cares!

This one...
It's a locket with my sons picture inside.
When he was deployed to a war zone
this one had special meaning.

And finally...
 This one reminds me of something I did
a long time ago and need to 
think about doing again...

 Not A Heart!
(Tee Hee)

This blog is more about listening than collecting
and it's title came as a whisper
early one morning ... 
God whispered in my ear one more time 


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