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Heart - New Beginnings


Are you excited about the New Year?
We sure 💖 new beginnings!
So many expectations, hopes and dreams.

The Picture

Vase - once belonged to my mom
Olive branch - a favorite artificial plant
Heart - a treasure from a long, long, time ago
Brass Platter - a gift from my sis-in-love
Pine Cones - souvenirs from a retreat
Copper Cup - a favorite thrift store find 
Dried Tallow Berries - from a favorite antique mall

It's a collection of memories.
we're excited about all the memories you have in store.



  1. Hi! So happy to see you are here in 2023!! I saved your blog all these years. Our mobile is 32 now! We're on fixed income and everything's way more expensive so I count my blessings but still not too old to dream about renovations :-). Love your pretty display of special things! I have a similar vase! You inspire me :-). Looking forward to your new posts hope you're having a safe and healthy 2023!


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