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Christmas 2022 - Happy New Year

We were a little slow in getting our decorations up in 2022
and we're a little slow in getting them down in 2023

We weren't even sure we'd put up a tree because of 
you know who 👇

Considering Christmas in 2021 - we had reason to be concerned.
As it turned out, after only a couple of episodes,
(one being knocking down the entire tree)
both of our kitties ended up being pretty good in 2022.

Why am I posting these? Well, I told someone I would, so there's that;
plus, I want to remember this sweet simple Christmas myself.

We did just enough.

Brought out some things we hadn't seen in a while.
Some Memories 

A canvas I had painted and Santas Buzz had carved decades ago.

-2022 was simple, but sweet-
celebrated with family & friends 
shared greeting cards & homemade fudge
packaged gifts for kids we don't know
and cherished the
Reason for the Season

Sixteen days after Christmas  & I've just finished packing everything away.

We truly ENJOYED every minute!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful too and
the New Year is even better!

Blessings, friends.