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Sending Our Best Wishes

Today, I found some Christmas cards we had received a few decades back. 
Such a pleasant surprise ... so many names; so many memories.

Helped us realize how important this
age old tradition is.

The cards we get .. they're always keepers.

Our 2022 Handmade Card
Inside it says
"Let every heart prepare Him room"

I wish I could send one to everyone,
but after hand-coloring about 40, 
I think he's happy we're not.
Sending you our love and best wishes!

Buzz & Geneva
Number 6:24-26

Here's what we did -
Buzz drew the picture
I photographed it, edited it & printed it on craft paper card stock.
Buzz hand colored each one (I helped a little)

Feel free to download a copy for yourself if you'd like.

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