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We Just Added The Turkey

We've been enjoying this autumn display since early September,
so for Thanksgiving, we just added a turkey.

The Turkey

I have been holding on to that turkey print 
since my college days, and this is the
very first time I've used it.

Now, it's an antique! But, more importantly, it's a memory.

This Thanksgiving display holds so many memories of
Thrifting ... Gifting ... Gathering 

My last find was the framed print of "The Gleaners".
I picked it up when I was spending an afternoon with my daughter.

Oh, how I LOVED that day!

See what I mean about memories.

I have a feeling it's that way for you too.




  1. Love the whole display. I really like the turkey addition. That old window is fantastic! xo Diana

  2. Thank you, Diana! Can't believe time is passing so quickly ... please let it slow down. :) xoxo

  3. I love your display and your vintage turkey print. I have an owl print that I bring out every fall. It has the same vibe as your turkey print.

  4. Thank you, Briana. Your owl print sounds great ... owls are so popular right now. I'm beginning to think about Christmas decorations though ... are you?


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