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Summer Time is Busy Time

FuN Time

 Antiquing and Thrifting

Globes & Maps

We look for them wherever we go, but we're
picky about
color & age

The tall one is our newest find, 
Perfect Color
Perfect Age

Do you remember my DIY- Tin Can Fun?

Today, one is filled 
with a bouquet of 
No 2 Pencils 
the other
Colorful Art Pencils

We USE them every day.


Another find that was the 
perfect color
perfect age

was this original oil painting.

It's not perfect by any measure
but we
love its charm.

There was even a note on the back from Chloe.
1923 or 22
"I watched this being painted
Gave 50¢ for it"

Thank You, Chloe!

Seriously though, 
this has been a crazy summer
I can hardly 
almost over.

 Our family drama was intense with the loss of a loved one.
We've been on the road a lot
but not always fun.

that's why our little jaunts 
to thrift stores & antique shops
so much FuN!

It was like a little 
vacation for us.

 Hope your 
Summer Days 
have been
a whole lot of lazy!


PS:  Buzz found a chair, table, clock & ottoman too ... I LOVE it when he goes antiquing with me.  He has an awesome eye and is always confident I'll find a spot for the treasures he finds....and, Yes, I do!  


  1. I love globes too! That painting is pretty and I love the note on the back! My summer has been full of renovations in our mobile home. We have been working on our living and dining rooms and are getting close to finished! I have been repainting and repurposing furniture, mirrors, and decor. Today I went to school to move my stuff into a bigger classroom. No lazy around here either! is good...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. How cool. I love the pencil holders. They would be great for a home school room. I'm sharing with my daughter.
    BTW have you been over and seen my Count Down To Christmas LInky? I new starts tomorrow. I would love you to link. LInk any Christmas related post old or new! The more the merrier. Hope to see you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Grantham. I'll definitely check out your Count Down To Christmas Linky and try to join in when I post something Christmas related. Blessings!

  3. I can't believe the summer has gone as quick as it has!
    There's lots more to do...and I'm not quite ready for Fall.
    Haven't we had some of the best weather this year in Texas? Sorry for the loss in your family. I hope you and Buzz continue to have a blessed summer.

  4. The summer is flying! As much as I can't get enough of summer, it does seem to be so busy with gardens, canning, freezing and trying to fit in some thrifting. I love buying books. I read them and bring them back to the thrift store. I also love buying quilts - so cozy at the cottage. Enjoy the remainder of your summer!

    1. Hi Marietta! It's great to hear from you :) It sounds like you enjoy thrifting as much as we do. Today is Buzz's birthday and I think we may celebrate by heading to some of our favorite thrifting spots (I'm loving the way he wants to celebrate)
      Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer too!


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