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Back Yard Update

Small Spaces
can be

When Buzz and I retired and downsized almost four years ago

 we purchased this mobile home.

Looks awful doesn't it!

Somehow we were able see passed all it's 
negatives and envision
the possibilities.

We started working on the gardens almost immediately 
we understood how long they would take to mature.
we knew from the beginning
 we wanted a space 
to sit and
enjoy the gardens.

We made do with old pallets covered with plywood for a while,

but the day finally came when we decided to get serious about creating a special space
that we could use to work and relax.

We built two 8'x8' decks
one in front of the work shop
and another
just a few feet away.

They're only a few months old, but we've already enjoyed them so much!

The wisteria will be for shade 
and the herbs
will keep the mosquitos away.

Now, even the path to the rain barrels is a little more colorful.

We've furnished this deck with an old garden bench that Buzz's mom gave us
and a couple of colorful folding chairs that we've had for ages.

We like the way they look and they're actually pretty comfortable.

Can you say "Not Boring"!

Have you EVER seen so much color!!!

Most mornings/evenings
you will find us out here
watching the

and of course

Nothing fancy by any means ... but FuN by all means!  




  1. You made everything so inviting. I love the idea of downsizing and making everything feel cozy, your garden decks look really great.

  2. Your space is adorable. I had a mobile home when first married and we had a similar deck filled with plants. Enjoy with your sweetheart!

  3. Very fun! I love the little decks and the bright colored furniture and flowers. Very inviting...:) I'm sure you and Buzz enjoy a lot of time out there. Have a blessed evening!

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. You've created a colorful oasis to sit and enjoy your daily visitors, Geneva! What a fun space! Enjoy!

    Love your hair in your bio photo. :)

  5. So pretty! Love the rain barrels.

  6. Your home transformation is still one of my favorites, you and Buzz have done a fantastic job! Love your garden, I really want to work on getting my outside to be somewhere we can sit and enjoy the beauty. We live in Texas, also, and I just am not a fan of the heat or working outside in it, the bugs are horrible this year at our place. We have a beautiful, HUGE front porch that never gets used because of all the bugs we have. It's a shame.

    1. Thank you, for your sweet comment! Yes, I agree with you about the Texas heat and bugs. We've been overrun with grasshoppers this year ... thankfully, they aren't eating everything though. We've planted a lot of rosemary, oregano, and other herbs around our place and they seem to keep the mosquito population down. I'm sure you'll enjoy your porch in the Autumn ... it sounds dreamy!

  7. Hello dear Geneva! How have you been, sweet lady? I hope your summer has been delightful.

    Your transformation is incredible! I love all of the color and I'm sure it's a wonderful place to sit and enjoy. Hugs to you!

  8. I think you two have done a fantastic job! You're making your place colorful, fun and welcoming. Enjoy !


  9. I'd rather have fun than fancy. Cool place!

  10. First you made the inside of your home beautiful and I am so impressed (and a little jealous) with your outside. What a beautiful transformation! You both have the knack!

  11. Small spaces are the best, I know! I'd rather have your space than any old huge space filled with hardscapes. Love the color and and the fun vibe it eludes! Gardening is good for the soul!

  12. I love this Geneva! The perfect spot. Can you use this during the winter too where you live? Mimi


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