N.O.E.L. Banner - DIY

Are you like me?
Do you like to give little handmade gifts
during the Holidays?

If you do you might enjoy this


This little banner is small enough to tuck inside
Christmas Cards 

Let Me Show You How
  • Tape  a book page to a piece of printer paper, and print the letters directly onto the book page.
  • Draw  a box around each letter approximately 1½" x 2" to form each tab for the NOEL banner.

  • Cut around each tab and also cut out a piece of scrapbook paper the exact same size.

  • Use  a decorative hole punch to add a design to the bottom of each book page tab

  • Attach  a piece of scrapbook paper to the back of each letter using double sticky tape (for design and strength)

  • Punch  a hole in the top corners  of each tab for string.

  • I used tulle for this one, but you could use ribbon, string, yarn,  cording ... etc 

This is the first one I've made 
and I've already thought 
of several ways
I'd use it myself.

the possibilities are endless


Have FuN!


  1. This is precious, and yes, to put one in a Christmas card would be so thoughtful! Thanks for the instructions, Geneva!


  2. Darling! I appreciate you showing us how to make one and I will definitely try to find time and make one for my home :) Hugs to you!

  3. Yes, I love handmade gifts, Geneva. This NOEL banner is pretty. I like the colors, and the hole punches look like snow! Very clever.


  4. I love it and I'll be making a few for my friends! Thank you! Mimi

  5. Hi Geneva, Love your banner! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  6. So cute. I could totally make that! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Thanks! These are absolutely adorable, and I plan to make a few. I think I'll change it up just a tad though, by making the back piece about 1/8-inch larger all around to create a tiny border to make it really pop. So cute!

  8. Amazing, so nice! I'm so lazy when it comes to DIYs, I'd do anything related to photography, calendars, cards.. but when it comes to a bit more manual work.. I don't have patience..

  9. What a wonderful idea to tuck the banners into Christmas cards, Geneva! I think the black polka dot border makes your banner so much fun! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  10. do you mind if I use this for my sweet art kids?

  11. Hello Geneva
    I LOve the sweet banner you've created from stamping book pages.
    Quick and simple is what I need for my Christmas inspiration this year - thank you!

    I've just become your newest follower!
    A beautiful blog.
    Have a wonderful new week

  12. What a sweet, cute idea, Geneva. My daughter's married name is Noel so this sure caught my eye! LOVE it! xo Diana


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