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Identity in Christ - Matthew 5:13

 (photograph edited with iPiccy)
Salt & Light

Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven
make an impact on society because they're different
(not weird or bizarre but distinct)

thank you for
allowing each of us 
to be 
Salt & Light 

in our own unique way.

Everything You do is Perfect!


  1. Love this Geneva and thanks for sharing..:) I remember a few years ago when the Salt Life t-shirts were all the rage, our youth group had t-shirts made with Salt Light on the front and scripture on the back. Such a col way to spread the word.

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. Beautiful Geneva!
    I've been thinking about Salt and Light ...and clay, this week.
    Hmmm... Maybe God would like me to linger longer and consider it some more?!
    thanks for this gentle reminder.
    ...hope you and Buz(z) are having a 'fair' summer! Pat

  3. Amen, sweet Geneva. Thank you for sharing God's precious Word :)

    Have a beautiful day!


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  5. A gorgeous salt shaker like this sits on my kitchen table. You've created beauty from the utilitarian just as our Lord asks us to create beauty in the world through our works.

    1. Lisa, I always look forward to hearing from you. Always kind; always inspiring!

  6. We are to be the salt of the earth - a lot of responsibility lies on our shoulders. We are to be distinct and also to shine. Thank you for reminding us.

  7. I've visited this three or four times and couldn't leave a comment. Lately, I don't feel like salt or light, more like pepper and twilight. But, I'm gonna get there, and even faster as I read posts like this.
    Blessings, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

  8. Geneva,
    Thank you for your kind e-mail. I mentioned you on my blog, and encouraged any readers to visit your blog (with link)

    Thanks again, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile


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