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Pinterest Inspires the Frugal Lifestyle

A couple of days ago my friend Pat, author of "Corn in My Coffee Pot" sent me a message that Frugal Hacks had featured my blog and  pinterest board in an article on their blog.  

I had never heard of Frugal Hacks so I was anxious to find out what it was all about.  As it turns out, it's a blog  that focuses on living contentedly within your means.  In fact, their philosophy kinda goes along with mine...

"True contentment is not having what you want, 
but wanting what you have" 

DL, one of several contributing writers for Frugal Hacks lives in a mobile home and mentioned our remodel in her article, however she expounded even more about the pins I've accumulated on my pinterest inspiration board "Repurposed" .... Then she went on to give examples of how she repurposes things in her lifestyle.

Her entire article inspired me to take another look at my inspirations.  If you'd like to see them for yourself...just click on the board below. 
My "Repurposed" board has some of my favorite pins!

Living a frugal lifestyle can be creative and fun! 

Baseball Flower
                                                                  Source: via Geneva on Pinterest

Washtub Lighting
                                                                Source: via Geneva on Pinterest

Toolbox / Flowerbox
                                                             Source: via Geneva on Pinterest

Lights made from old globes!
                                                          Source: via Geneva on Pinterest

Well, you get the idea!
The concept of repurposing just flows through my veins...
My Mother  taught me all about being a good steward  and living the frugal lifestyle...she's the Queen of using what she has on hand.

Thank You Mom!

If you'd like to follow Repurposed or any of my Pinterest boards
just click on the little pink P on my sidebar.
I'd LOVE to see YOU there!


  1. You really are an inspiration...a very creative one!

  2. Well, Geneva... I thought you were a Frugal Hacker! Had I known you'd not heard of them...I'd have included a link for you.
    Glad you found them. I love getting them in my email box. I also love your repurposed board and! you inspired me to start one of my own.

    I recognized Rose's Toolbox Flowers right away. ;)
    I agree, being frugal isn't as 'ugly' as some may think...frugal can be pretty too! Pat

  3. Geneva! Love these! So inspiring! I want to follow....Love your post today. Thank you so much for sharing! Blessing, my friend!

  4. Hi Geneva!

    I am always trying to keep from throwing things away. I find myself taking stuff out of the garbage, after The Mr. has tossed something. Scrap wood is usually what I rescue.... hoarder or frugal? Not really sure :/

    I love you repurpose d pins! Thinking that I need to have "someone" take a peek too.

    Thanks for sharing at my party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hop !

  5. Congratulations, Geneva. I love that you have been featured. It is wonderful to live within your means, isn't it? There were several years when I didn't do that when I was younger and it was a rude awakening when I realized what I was doing and how much I was spending. When I quit "trying" it came to me much more easily. Thanks for being REAL...xo Diana

  6. A repurposed lifestyle beats the canned manufactured one they try to sell use every day in stores! Those images are darling! Loved the red tool box!

  7. Congrats on being featured on Frugal Hacks - how exciting for you! Of course, I love all your pins and sometimes go a bit crazy and repin everything. Am now following you on twitter too. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  8. Congratulations! Quite an honor, I'd say!!!

  9. Geneva, wow girl can you believe I don't do pinterest? I have tried to resist because I did not want to spend more time on the computer than what I do with blogging. Seeing your boards is tempting me like no other. I too am a frugal kind of gal. Mom just brought us up to not waste and to bargain hunt. I love so many of the things that you have pinned! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

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