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I just happened to have my camera in hand when this little fella came by.  
Made me SO happy!

When Buzz and I were planning our new garden we wanted to make sure it would attract birds, butterflies, bees ... etc, etc, etc 

Happy, Happy, Joy,  Joy! 

Our planning has paid off!
(I love his little feet)  


  1. Oh I love the hummingbirds. Glad you captured this little guy. I haven't seen many around now but they were really coming to my feeder earlier.

  2. Sweet!!! I've only seen one so far this year. I'm hoping his relatives come to visit, too.

  3. Oh, you are so lucky! Great picture! I was happy to get a pic of a butterfly yesterday. Wow, a hummingbird would be even better!

  4. How beautiful! It is so hard to catch them in flight like that! GORGEOUS! xo Diana

  5. What an absolutely beautiful image,just magical. xo

  6. Lucky you!! She's so cute... I love her little feet too... she needs a pair of teeny tiny summer sandals! :)

  7. Good for you! These are great captures.

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays! xo

  8. You captured this bird so well!
    great photos.
    We had a few hummingbirds, but they didn't stick around. We don't have flowers to attract. Just to hot for flowers to bloom!


  9. Yes, the little feet are very sweet! When we were looking at the house we would be purchasing for our retirement last month, a hummingbird came and visited at the feeder on the deck, so I knew it would be a good place to move to. :)

  10. I love hummingbirds they were my Dad's all time favorite birds.
    I found you through the hop, come over for a visit sometime. Your always Welcome, KathyB.

  11. Those are amazing shots of the hummingbirds, pretty flowers, too.

  12. Nice post and blog! i'm joining!
    I'm over at a more simple blog - look around - decide. I hope you will?

  13. Hi Geneva!

    He is a real cutie! I love all my little hummers. They are getting more and more comfortable with me and now almost come in the house if I am not careful.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  14. A fabulous capture of the hummingbird! So happy you linked to Potpourri Friday! Hope you will make it a weekly party stop!

  15. Those little feet, relaxed, who would think about what they do, in action? Ha ahaha. What a happy pic. PS I just joined you as a follower. My sis found you, she is on another page. Renae..I'm Mary. Happy to meet you.


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